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Two days after my 15th birthday I became a born again Christian. The day I did, I was a young man on fire who's greatest joy was writing and singing songs expressing my faith and love for God in Christ.  Fast forward 10 years to my 25th year. I was on summer break from teaching band and choir at a Christian jr./sr. high school. As a result of a freak diving incident in an incorrectly marked lake just outside my apartment patio door, my head hit the muddy bottom and I became a quadriplegic. My vertebrae was crushed at level C4-5 causing me to become instantly and permanently paralyzed from the shoulders down. In a split second, this fiery soul with a heart, hungry for God, became a hapless, helpless bag of nothing. Then each time I thought I was getting my life back together, I kept getting struck down and I finally had to ask God... Why? 
Then I had a vision of Jesus on the cross...
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